Success Leaves Clues Blueprint by Tony Robbins

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“Success Leaves Clues” Blueprint by Tony Robbins

Success does leave clues and Tony Robbins has spent his entire 32-year career obsessed with finding those clues and applying them, not only to his own life, but to the lives of thousands of others.

The following 10 Steps are gems of wisdom from Tony. They are broken down into easily digestible “nuggets” for you to digest and use in your own life.

By practicing these 10 steps, showing you that success leaves clues, you can achieve massive results and success in your life. The key is to take this blueprint and actually use it to DO those things that lead to the results. The DOING is what is going to separate those that achieve massive levels of success and those that do not. Tony calls non action-takers “dabblers”.

1. HUNGER is the first ingredient to Success. Get Hungry.

  • Hunger means that there is something inside of you that just won’t settle. Something that knows that you are more than how you are living now even if you are living better than anybody else you know.
  • Get clear on WHAT you want and WHY you want it. This will drive your hunger.

2. PHILOSOPHY Matters Most.

  • The right philosophy is critical to massive success. It is way more important than technical “know how.”
  •  Massively Successful people have a philosophy of GIVING
  • Know that the secret to success is not, “How can I GET more”, but instead, “What more can I GIVE.”
  • Always ADD VALUE instead of being competitive in the traditional sense.
  • Adopt the mentality with your “competition” that one plus one equals three
  • Do not set out to deceit in order to become stronger
  • Constantly and Never Endingly Improve.

3. PROXIMITY is Power

  • Find the Best in the world at what you want to do and do whatever it takes to be near them
  • Work for them, be around them constantly, attend their seminars, pursue them, add value to them
  • Do not just be around them once; Repetition is paramount to success


  • Find out what somebody is doing to be massively successful and do those same things—model them.
  • Do not try to find out on your own, it will take much longer and the one thing you don’t have more of is time.

5. READ. Leaders are Readers & Readers are Leaders

  • Reading will help to set your philosophy and psychology
  • Immerse yourself in what you want to Master, read and you will begin to adopt the author’s voice
  • Feed your most useful tool—your brain, your intellect.

6. Don’t Dabble, MASTER.

  • Do not be a “Trier.”
  • Adopt the mentality, “I will DO until…I Master.”
  • Dabblers do not achieve massive results.
  • Masters do, do, do repetitively until they have Mastered.

7. 80% of Success is PSYCHOLOGY

  • What are your beliefs? Rules? Concepts of what’s possible and impossible? Am I a dabbler or do I want to master?
  • These are the beliefs, rules and concepts that are going to lead to massive success.
  • The mechanics is the easy part—the “How” to do something
  • The difficult part is staying on track with the right psychology.


  • You must adopt rituals that will get you to where you want to be.
  • Commit to those rituals—once a day, once a week, once a month.
  • The more often you DO, the less time it will take to Master.
  • This is what separates the “triers” from the DO’ers.

9. Get around NEW VOICES

  • With new voices come new conversations and new place mentally and emotionally.
  • It is the only way to continuously grow and expand.


  • Adding Value is the only way to fulfillment in your life.
  • This is what leads to true long-term success, not just short-term.
  • This can only be done by adopting a philosophy of cooperation and learning. Add value, cooperate and share with others in your industry because they can also add value to you.
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