Setup Your Affiliate Links

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Setup Your Affiliate Links

Your job as a consultant involves giving advice in many areas, including helping your clients choose service providers for their web hosting, autoresponder, article submissions, press releases etc.

In nearly every case you’ll find these service providers have affiliate programs. While it won’t make you rich, having your clients buy through your link is an easy way to add a little extra income to your business.

Autoresponders and other recurring fees are especially nice, as your consultancy business grows and you get more and more clients, your passive income from these commission will steadily grow. Soon enough most of your monthly expenses will be covered by your monthly affiliate checks — making your business a pure-profit enterprise!

Keep in mind your customers are putting their trust in your hands, don’t base your recommendations based on who pays the biggest affiliate commissions. That’s a short-sighted tactic that will cost you more long term business than the small amount you make up front.

Here are the service providers I use and recommend to my clients, I’ve used each of these providers for many years without a hitch:

Set up your Affiliate Links – Web Hosting

Hostgator Web Hosting

I’ve been with Hostgator for about 5 or 6 years now and have never had a problem hosting 30+ websites. They give you tonnes of disk space and bandwidth, allow you to host unlimited websites and are packed with features — including the all-important Fantastico script that makes installing all the most popular scripts a point and click affair.

Whichever host you decide to go with, I strongly recommend you get one that provides the Fantastico script. This script lets you install many of the most popular scripts, including WordPress, Joomla, Simple Machine Forum, phpBB, OS Commerce etc simply by selecting a few options and hitting “go”. No need to mess around installing, uninstalling or configuring anything — it’s a huge time saver!



Aweber are my #1 choice for email list management. Delivery rates have always been excellent, very few emails go to spam folders, and the range of features plus simplicity of use make it my favorite.

Note: They have recently introduced new analytics features and a new pricing structure — it’s now a little cheaper for your first 500 members but quite a lot more expensive once your list reaches 500 subscribers.


GetResponse are a close second in the AR department. Their delivery rates are also excellent and have many of the same features as Aweber, I just don’t like the interface as much.

Article Submission

Submit Your Article

These guys will take your article and submit it to over 400 directories, ezines and RSS feeds all over the web — quickly getting lots of backlinks, establishing you as an expert in your niche, and getting the word out about your website with long-term links and targeted traffic.

Press Release Distribution


For $19 WebWire will distribute your press release to all the major web-based news services, including Google News, MSN News, plus many other syndicated networks. You can often get 1st placed listings for your chosen keywords in a number of hours. A very effective tactic to bring in traffic quickly.


Sign up for all the affiliate programs from your chosen providers now. When your clients ask who they should use you have your affiliate  links ready to go.

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