High Ticket Sales Funnels for Coaches & Consultants

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The easiest way to sell High Ticket Coaching & Consulting Services

If you are a high-level coach or consultant then your ability to grow your business, your impact, and your income depends on your ability to attract an abundance of qualified clients. Most coaches and consultants are great at what they do but struggle to attract a constant flow of new leads for their high ticket offers, especially when they want to leverage their time better by offering group coaching or programs or by employing other consultants.

The best coaches or consultants tend to become more specialised and expert at acheiving dramatic results quickly, which initially results in an abundance of referrals and new leads, which easily take their business into 6 figures and beyond. Scaling beyong the low 6 figures requires a new skill set and systems in your business – scaleable marketing – the ability to attract a steady stream of high ticket clients on demand to fill your schedule or programs.

If you are selling high ticket and aren’t consistently getting enough clients to reach your business goals, you need to develop a scaleable lead generation and sales funnel that attracts, engages, and qualifies new prospective clients. Without this, your business is stuck, and is vulnerable to slowdowns or losing existing clients.

High Ticket Lead Generation & Sales Funnels

The best way to sell high ticket coaching & consulting services is using an online sales funnel to target your ideal clients, attract them to your business, engage them online, and get the most qualified buyers onto an enrolment call where you assess whether they are a good client and will benefit from your services.

At Influential, my Digital Marketing Agency, we specialise in lead generation and sales funnels for coaches, consultants and other service professionals who sell services for $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more. In many cases, these are ongoing, monthly retainer fees.

As a result, we’ve perfected the art of online lead generation of high ticket products and services. I’ve written several guides to marketing, lead generation and sales funnels for service professionals, and also offer Sales Funnel Consulting.

This is how we’ve been able to attract new, highly targeted, qualified prospective clients into our own business and for our clients.

Lead Generation and Sales Funnels

Lets start with some definitions:

  • Lead Generation is the process of attracting new prospective clients for subsequent sales activity
  • A Lead Generation Funnel is a process and infrastructure for attracting prospective clients in order to sell them a product or service
  • A Sales Funnel is the process of and infrastructure for  attracting prospective clients for, generating demand for, and selling a product or service
  • A Funnel is a defined method or process to achieve a business outcome through a series of steps (often called conversions) resulting in the final outcome

One of the things that is most useful about a funnel approach is that because a funnel consists of a defined series of steps, each of which moves the prospect closer to the goal (the sale), a funnel can be tested, optimised and improved to deliver significantly higher ROI than a less methodical process. By separating and defining, testing and measuring, tweaking and improving, the efficiency of the funnel can be improved. This approach to marketing is dramatically different from the traditional “creative agency” approach where you would pay high fees for the opinion of an expert team, and then send your marketing out into the world and pray.

Instead, a sales funnel can be optimised and improved in much the same way that the efficiency of a production line or other manufacturing process can be. This allows for much better ROI from marketing spend. I like to think of it as a scientific approach to marketing.

Requirements of a High Ticket Coaching or Consulting Sales Funnel

When considering a sales funnel approach to selling high ticket professional services, there are several considerations above and beyond the typical requirements for a sales funnel for a low ticket product or service.

  1. Coaching and Consulting are discretionary services – people often don’t realise they need them and may not know what to look for or actively seek out providers in the market – thus demand generation is important
  2. Coaching and Consulting are high touch, highly personal services – we want to get to know the “who” as much as the “what”
  3. Professional services lie coaching and consulting are high trust – your clients will only hire you if they see you as a trusted expert at what you do
  4. Your services are often complex in nature, requiring considerable education before purchase and during onboarding
  5. High Ticket Services, by their definition, have a high barrier to entry, making getting clients “over the line” a challenge
  6. Premium priced products and services require more attention to marketing collateral and messaging to ensure value perception and positioning is maximised
  7. Qualification is essential to ensure you speak only to ideal clients to avoid wasting a lot of time on unsuitable prospects
  8. Pre-framing and Positioning are needed to ensure clients see you as an in-demand expert who can solve their problems, so that when you talk to them they are “pre-sold”
  9. Needs to bring in plenty of leads so you always have a choice of ideal clients
  10. Must target the right kind of clients so you can focus on your best work
  11. Should shorten sales cycles to move people from browsing to buying as fast as possible
  12. Easily be managed or automated so that you can focus on doing what you do best – getting results for your clients.
  13. Should only rely on you or your team when necessary, letting the system do the bulk of the work
  14. Must be affordable and give a reliable and high ROI – we generally aim for a 500% revenue return on ongoing marketing spend
  15. Should support other marketing channels, such as networking or client referrals

We keep these considerations in mind when designing, building and executing sales funnels for ourselves and our clients.

We’ve successfully used 3 main types of funnels that meet these criteria and give the best results when selling high ticket coaching and consulting services.

3 Proven Sales Funnels for High Ticket Coaching & Consulting Services

At Influential, we use 3 distinct sales funnels to sell coaching and consulting services.

Thes best 3 funnels for selling coaching and consulting services are:

  1. The Strategy Session Funnel
  2. The Webinar Funnel
  3. The Video Training Funnel

We use this alone or combined to build a highly efficient, powerful and profitable sales funnel, tailoring the funnel to the individual client, offer, and market.


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