Elite Invigorating Coaching 

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Elite Coaching is designed to meet your individual needs, establish your specific goals and apply proven action plans that will be continually measured by your Coach.

One-on-One programs are highly flexible, allowing you the freedom to set your own agenda and schedule.

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What Are The Benefits of a Elite Coaching?


Elite Coaching is an intensive one-on-one coaching experience designed to help you create a compelling life by getting behind the why—the reasons and meanings behind why you have not followed through or have taken massive action, as well as the how—the specific action plan necessary to achieve your desired results.

  • 1. Get crystal clear

    Your coach will ensure that your goals are crystal clear and specific. You will be challenged over and over again to be so specific and eliminate any fuzziness. Left to our own devices we are inclined to have vague goals. I have never seen anyone who has not benefited from being challenged to clarify their goals. And, clarity is critical – you have a far better chance of achieving a clear goal than a vague one

  • 2. Makes you accountable.

    Procrastination is the greatest killer to achieve any goal, and we are all guilty of it from time to time. A coach, however, will make you accountable for when you are going to take the necessary action to move your goal along the road to achievement. Left to our own devices, we are likely to adapt the “I’ll do it tomorrow” approach, but a coach will keep you on track.

  • 3. Objective measurement of progress

    A coach will ensure that you have agreed milestones to measure your progress and will be the objective assessor of your progress. This, again, ensures that you stay on track, and, very importantly, what needs to be done in the future to deliver the goals on time. The coach exerts that external and objective pressure that we all need.

  • 4. Raise your glass ceiling.

    A coach will drive you to achieve what you are capable of, and to break through your limiting beliefs – and we all have limiting beliefs that determine our glass ceiling. It is the job of the coach to push you to go that bit further than you think you can. It is all about growth – your growth, and we all need that additional challenge to push us forward.

  • 5. Keep your feet to the fire

    A coach will motivate, inspire, cajole and challenge you in a way that will always keep you moving forward to the achievement of your goals. Let’s be honest, we all need this. The greatest performers in all walks of life have coaches and mentors – performance coaching exists in sport, business, the arts, and just about everywhere else.

  • 7. Only focus on what will contribute to your success.

    Coaching will ensure that you keep the focus on what will contribute to your achievement. Left to our own devices we are inclined to focus on the problems, or the things that get in the way. A coach will banish the habit of accommodating negative thoughts.

You want success – of course you do!

Just remember, you don’t need to change who you are, you just need to change what you do, and executive coaching will facilitate that change.

Coaching and mentoring is for the successful people in this world – it is not a sign of weakness!

How can your coach help you?

  • Your coach will provide you the tools, techniques and psychology so you will fill the gaps between where you are and where you must go in order to live life on your terms.

  • As your accountability partner, your Coach is committed to holding you to the highest standards needed to create the life you always dreamed possible.

Only € 1500 for 4 sessions