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Yes, Jennifer! I want this!

Here’s what I’m doing:

I’m applying to speak with Jennifer Segerius and maybe become a consulting client;

This is what I know will happen next.

  • I will be able to schedule a time for me to talk to Jennifer personally.
  • Jennifer will help me create a plan for an immediate increase in profits.
  • I may or may not become a Consulting client, and there will be no pressure to do so!
  • If Jennifer and I decide we’re not a good “fit” and if I think Jennifer has wasted my time, she will send me a strategy guide because she’s the real deal and doesn’t screw around.
  • If we decide we are a good fit, I will become a consulting client. I understand that the fee is $ 2500 per month.
  • I realize that every single one of Jennifer Segerius’ consulting clients generate more income from working with her than what they pay her, so the “cost” to me is essentially zero.
  • The SOLE PURPOSE of this is for me to make more money in my business while delivering even greater value to my marketplace and having lots of fun in the process.
  • I realize this is by application only, and appointments are granted on a first come, first served basis.

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