The Leading Course on How to Become a Successful Consultant

Land more clients, earn a greater income, streamline your consulting businesses and enjoy time-off.

Dear Aspiring Consultant,

There are many professionals out there trying hard to become successful consultants. Landing a steady stream of new clients, getting constant referrals, and earning a great income can be a real challenge.

Which is why we created a course that takes you step-by-step and walks you through how to become a successful consultant more quickly.

We want YOU to succeed. That’s why in BOSS Business Boost we have taken our 15 years of experience working with companies all around the world and given you a system packed with techniques, tips and strategies so you can successfully position yourself as an authority in your market, learn how to set your ideal pricing and fees, and attract new clients now and well into the future.

The BBB Consulting Success System Covers Everything You Need to Know to Succeed…

graphicImagine more freedom! You’re motivated to succeed because you love the thought of helping people, of never wanting for anything, and all the prestige that goes with status. You want more. You desire a legacy, to create something bigger than yourself. Something that touches people’s lives and impacts their world.

Problem is, there are obstacles between you and your vision.

You might work your butt off, burn out and have nothing to show for it. You might not be able to make money doing what you love. Worst of all? You might never really beat the self-sabotage, indecision and procrastination you swear you’ll overcome… any day now… Deep down, you probably fear that fear itself will derail your best intentions – and prevent you from reaching your goals.

Proven strategies and techniques to help you land more clients and increase your consulting income… Plus you’ll save yourself from making the mistakes that cost consultants thousands of dollars and hold back their businesses from growing.

What if you apply all the strategies and techniques you learn through the Consulting Success System and land 2 just new clients. How much would that be worth to you?


BOSS BUSINESS BOOST is your solution

You have a 30 day no worry money back guarantee!


Imagine having an expert business consultant on tap, acting as your compass and road map that lets you navigate treacherous seas of your entrepreneurial career. Picture all the information that you need to succeed at your fingertips, so you can pursue your goals. We provide guidance and give you the support you need to change your thinking and behavior in ways that accelerate you toward the golden shores of wealth, freedom and sanity.


Jen profile 3 Learn Step-By-Step How to Create a Sustainable Consulting Business that Attracts Clients

“I make people money! In the last 12 months I have helped 117 new consultants launch successful careers!” Jennifer Segerius, MBA

A tried and tested business model

This is a tried and tested model and even more importantly this is for every one of all experience levels! I’m going to show you how I’ve been able to keep a steady pipeline of highly qualified leads flowing into my business, with my tested and perfected system. Way back in October 2007 I have learned to automate my business. That is what makes this business so fantastic. Once you create a new digital information product the whole sales process can be automated and your business can practically run itself.

We Give You The Tools And Confidence You Need To Succeed!


Land more clients, earn a greater income, and streamline your consulting businesses

Business secrets. Success every time! In this rapidly changing business environment, service providers and product specialists are struggling with the commoditization of their specialized services and products. Our Diagnostic Consultative Selling Program guarantees you’ll sell directly to the top decision maker, increase sales, client size and retention. Guaranteed

Sales Success. Learn the skills and strategies top leaders use to build their down lines and earn five and six digit monthly revenues. Behind every successful CEO, executive, direct and network marketing sales leader is a coach. Success is not an accident; it is the result of strategic planning and prepared performance. Whether you are just getting started or you are ready to achieve breakthrough success, we have the program to get you there.

Marketing Know-how. Some would argue that knowledge is a consultant’s most important intangible asset, but in reality, reputation is. Knowledge can be easily bought, or even sub-contracted, while reputation can’t. You could know everything in the world, but if no one knows you know it, you’re not going to make a living with it. The most effective form of marketing is still word-of-mouth referrals, and that relies entirely on reputation. We show you the best used techniques.

Business Coaching. A little extra help! The Elite coaching programs bring the complex subjects of business planning and development, strategy and resource development, alignment and execution with down-to-earth practical advice on what you really need to know to run a successful business. The Elite Coaching program gives you the tools and confidence you need to succeed!

What do you think of when you envision your future

consultancy business?

Wealth, Freedom and Impact!

That’s what you want if you’re an entrepreneur.


30 dayA renowned and absolutely brilliant program for ANYONE wishing to have more success in their business, online or live! Members of BOSS Business Boost enjoy exclusive access to this very rich resource of cutting edge business planning tools, must-have resources, video and coaching programs and powerful must-have templates that business owners use to achieve breakthrough, sustainable, next-level success. Best practices for business success at your fingertips. Affordable access to leading business experts has never been easier and more affordable. BOSS Business Boost provides training, coaching and step-by-step guidance in the planning, developing and executing of every topic and best practice required to run a successful consultancy business. We provide access to all the tools and resources you need to achieve breakthrough success! What you need, when you need it!

That’s where you’ll accomplish something truly worthwhile

– big impact and legacy.



“I believe we need consultants to create positive global impact on business– leaders ready to tackle the challenges we share as a community. Accelerating the careers of such entrepreneurs (like you!) is MY mission.” – Jennifer Segerius


  • Middle aged business man portraitWhat I’ve learned has had long lasting effects on my business. By having me identify where I was and where I wanted to go, I learned how to “take charge” of my business instead of it controlling me! Time management and post-sales follow-up were the major areas I focused on throughout my coaching experience. Applying this information resulted in more than doubling my sales in the first year. I learned how to develop processes and systems that helped me manage my time, improve my customer service and increase sales! Thank youJim Buterly

  • AnnaI can’t wait until the end of each month for my numbers! My sales were up 465% this February over last February! Thank you, Thank you and Thank you! Please feel free to use this testimony – make sure you use my name too!Anna Besscassi

  • Conrad-J.-EbansEach session is incredibly valuable. In one module I learned how to expand my business and create new profit centers. Applying this information resulted in a 200% increase in sales. I learned to identify opportunities I was missing. As a result of this program I have increased revenues and decreased waste, offer additional services, increased my focus on things that matter, helping me take my business to the next level. I still hear my coach’s voice in my head every day. Learning how to market/talk about my business helped me to establish brand recognition and gain clarity about where I need to be, what I need to do and how to do it. My investment was small, but my returns are infinite! This was one of the best decisions I have made for my business and life. Thank you!Conrad J. Ebans


So you want to be a consultant? – Great decision!

successful-business1By now I’m sure you can see the true value you’ll get from the BOSS Business Boost Consulting System — proven strategies and techniques to help you land more clients and increase your consulting income…plus you’ll save yourself from making the mistakes that cost consultants thousands of dollars and hold back their businesses from growing.

I’m going to do a few things to help you get started right away.

If you’re a beginner, I’m going to provide you with knowledge and tools to get your first paying client. That powerful information alone can help form the foundation for a successful business model. So if you haven’t gotten started yet…or…if you are still struggling to find your way, I can help you find the right path to get going.

The BOSS Business Boost modules

Module 1: Business Basics

Module 2: Consulting Insights

Module 3: Business Coaching

Module 4: Marketing Yourself

Module 5: Essence of Sales

Module 6: Advanced Sales

Module 7: Starting Out Online

Module 8: Small Business SEO

Module 9. Internet Marketing

Module 10: Social Media


Getting started guide


Need Resources? You got resources!


There’s more… Here’s the bonuses!

If you buy today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses and design resources for FREE so you save even more time getting setup.

1bulletTaking Action Guide

Get the taking action guide, as a tool to get you started quickly so you can start working a professional management consultant and hit the ground running.

$197 Bonus

2bulletExtra Video’s and PDF downloads

So you can get to grips with all the materials even easier whenever and wherever it is convenient for you

$67 Bonus


3bulletThe Consulting Fee Formula

The consulting fee formula—This gives you a great starting point for setting appropriate fees and prices so you value your true worth in the market place

$37 Bonus

4bulletTemplates, Worksheets & Samples

You will get access to many templates, worksheets and  samples to help you streamline your business at record speed, so you don’t need to make them all yourself.

$47 Bonus

5bulletProductivity Tips

Productivity tips  since it is time to master productivity skills for the workplace that will empower you for higher performance while a better work life balance

$57 Bonus


     Marketing Tips

Marketing tips used by consultants to generate revenue. This teaches you marketing strategies so you can use to land more clients and increase your profits.

$77 Bonus

7bulletFree E-books

E books: – 6 traits of a successful independent consultant – Internet Marketing – Sales closes – The 7 keys to a successful  consulting career

$108 Bonus


8bullet6 interactive coaching sessions

6 week class where I, Jennifer, work with you and show you exactly how to generate leads, turn them into clients, and ensure your clients get great results and are happy.

$1288 Bonus


Get a list of resources which you can view them online, or use the download them using the download button underneath the document. You will find all the resources needed to start your practice quickly.

$597 Bonus


Get your custom toolkit filled with all the tools needed to get the job done in seconds.

$497 Bonus


BBB large man leaning blackbulletAmazing Support

 When ever you have a problem, or a struggling on the website, feel free to drop us a line anytime and we will help you any way we can, as quick as we can!



Here’s what makes BOSS Business Boost stand out

  • The BOSS Business Boost program will give you a step-by-step from beginner to accomplished consultant guide.
  • You will be personally trained by myself. Not someone sitting in an office working for a company that I have sent you to.
  • Basically, I will hold your hand and help you every step of the way. No one will be left behind.


Who is this for?


  • Anyone that is tired of having all these “loose ends” in their business model that makes them feel like they could use some structure to the business model. This system is strategic, and very road-mapped. There is a reason behind every step, and each step is bite-sized to lead your business owner through.
  • Anyone looking for “what to say” to a business owner or prospect once you get their attention. I literally lay out the exact script that I use at every touch point. Confidence boosting, authority content to fill your conversations.
  • Anyone looking to restart their business with a proven fulfillment model. The model is dead-easy, but at the same time, it’s lethally effective.
  • Anyone that lacks confidence to speak with business owners and wants to know what to do next after speaking with them.
  • Anyone that loves consultancy and wants to learn more angles to come from, and incorporate more service points into their model.


Who this is NOT for?

Put plainly… this is not for someone who’s focused on “getting clients” and not worried about the fulfillment or lifetime support of those clients. Listen… every other guide out there supports the “how to get clients” and even though I share briefly how I do it best, my system is more about how to create a lifetime customer once you get a lead. What to say, what to do, and step-by-step, word-by-word guidelines that blueprint to profits.


Do you have what it takes?

Yes! Sounds crazy doesn’t it? I’m trying to sell you a product but I actually need to make sure I only sell to the correct type of person. So if you can’t answer YES to ALL of these questions my BOSS Business Boost program is probably not for you.

    stand out

  • Are you prepared to work hard? Making it in this game involves a great deal of hard work. Now I am not saying you need to work 80 hours per week but you do need to be prepared to put in around 5 hours per week and occasionally as many as 20 hours per week. So if you’re someone who has no time to spare or would rather watch TV or browse the internet rather than work online this program is definitely not for you.
  • Are you patient? I have devised this course in such a way so no one gets left behind. So if you are looking for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme this course is not for you.
  • Are you dedicated? This is the most important quality you need to have. As an example when you get to week 18 and you have spent 17 long weeks working hard do you have what it takes to keep it going? Let me tell you now most people don’t so if you’re not dedicated please don’t waste your time and money and don’t apply.
  • Do you have a burning desire to succeed? It is said every successful online marketer shares this one quality and I believe that to be 100% true. If you have always had a burning desire to succeed then this program is definitely for you.
  • Are you an honest person willing to help others? I strongly believe this is the number one reason for my success. If you are attracted to this business to make a fast buck at your customers expense please don’t apply.


The Power to change your life!

You may be thinking this is going to be impossible, let me assure you nothing could be further from the truth. I have devised this course with the beginner in mind and this program is perfect for you if you:

It’s time to revolutionize the way you market yourself as a consultant and your offers and stop throwing away a chunk of your profits!


BOSS Business Boost is the most lucrative program that EXISTS!


Members will be making money with BOSS Business Boost for a very long time. BOSS Business Boost is long-lasting, enduring, and will be producing incomes from home for years to come. There is no way that you can put yourself in a better position for a brighter future, than by becoming a member of BOSS Business Boost right now. Opportunity seekers who have already become members of BOSS Business Boost know that this is the truth. They are exhilarated, inspired, and excited to be proud members of the internet’s #1 program for earning an income online. Just listen to what they are saying: Would you like to join the many happy members of BOSS Business Boost and start earning money online too? Well then now is your chance!

You are only minutes away from joining something life changing!

I am not the “professional internet guru” which sells things like this for living……I am just an end user like you who want to share with you the working techniques

How does this program differ from other products? The main difference is I have assembled everything in a step-by-step easy to follow manner and I have covered everything I know.


Your questions answered

  • How much can I expect to spend after I invest in the BOSS Business Boost program? There are some things you must invest in such as a domain name and a hosting account to store your websites on plus an autoresponder service to build your mailing list. These are monthly fees that can’t be avoided and you can expect this to cost around $40 per month, but these fees will become insignificant as time goes by. You will also need to invest in a few low cost services such as a ClickBank publisher’s account. Although there are more expensive easier options you can complete this course and the total cost of everything you need should not exceed $200.
  • I know absolutely nothing about making money as a consultant online, can you really help? That is the main reason I have created this program. Even if you just received your first computer today I assure you that you will be able to follow this program. How much can I expect to earn from this program? This is the million dollar question that I wish I could answer but I’m afraid I can’t. Everyone is different, has different ambitions and desires and different skills so I can never say how much you can expect to earn but I will make you this promise. I will do everything I possibly can to guide you and turn you into a success. I will be here for you every step of the way and you will never feel alone with no one to turn to.
  • Do you have a money back guarantee? Every single product I have ever sold online has come with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee, but I’m afraid it has to be different this time and here’s why. This is personal training so you already know what to expect. Also, spaces are limited so you will be taking the place of someone else who is willing to pay the course fee. Listen, if you follow my instructions you will not be asking for a refund anyway, but I will make this guarantee. If you invest in the program and find that it’s not for you let me know within 30 days and I will refund your investment and cancel your future payments. This gives you a chance to access the first 3 months material risk free. I can’t really say fairer than that can I?
  • What happens after you take my payment? You will be given access to a special member’s area where your training will begin right away.

That’s it, you know what lies ahead, you know what to expect so now it’s decision time. I actually don’t think I can say anything else now as you probably made your mind up long before you read the sales page. What I will say is I plan to take a handful of people from beginner to expert full time consultant starting today, will you be one of them?


Some of the MANY Reasons to Get the BOSS Business Boost Consulting Success System


  • Learn how to make $60,000/year and more working part-time as a consultant. And how to make over $100,000/year and more by being your own boss and working as a full-time consultant. It’s not easy, but we’ll show you how.
  • Discover how to address one of the biggest problems in consulting today, the “implementation gap”. What happens at the end of a consulting project is perhaps more important than what happens when the project is in flight.
  • See how you can position your services to stand out in the market so you become highly sought after.
  • Many consultants talk about using referrals to build their business. The trouble is most have no idea how to actually get them. We’ll show you how to effectively implement referral strategies into your business and how you can use them to help your clients too.
  • Even if you’re an expert in your field already, this course will provide you with step-by-step guidance when it comes to establishing and running a successful consulting business.
  • If you’ve tried to make money before and failed then it really isn’t your fault. Let me personally guide you and show you how to make real money online!

Remember, this isn’t your usual fluff filled eBook. This is a complete consultancy program that will take you by the hand and guide you to online income! Don’t hesitate and watch someone else take your place! Join BOSS Business Boost TODAY!

Ready for the next step?

SatisfactionYes Jennifer! I can’t wait to be your next success story and I’m ready to be personally taught over the next 3 month to learn how to successfully build my online business so that I can finally start making money online! I’ll be taught the exact same techniques that have been proven effective for you over the years in an easy to follow step-by-step manner. I will have full access to your staff and you personally for the length of the course and can contact you anytime. I know that this program is 100% legitimate, 100% legal, and 100% what I need to learn right now. You’ve made it a very easy decision. I am also reassured by your 100% iron-clad money back guarantee that enables me to try the first 30 days of the program risk free. If I find that your program is not for me I will let you know within 30 days and I will receive a full refund and will be billed no further. On that basis I am ready to start right now, so I’m clicking the secure order button.

Invest in the best consultancy program

This is the benchmark course for the “ins and outs”of not just becoming a consultant…but becoming a successful consultant. Priceless advice and a ton of helpful bonuses like sample templates and reports. Highly recommended!

You have a 30 day no worry money back guarantee!

Jennifer Segerius, MBA, is the Founder, CEOJennifer_Segerius_MBA-300x242 and visionary leader of BOSS Business Boost, with many years in the field of organizational and leadership development and coaching and over 15 Years of Consulting Experience. Jennifer is an international award-winning, highly sought thought leader and business adviser who has worked with boards of directors, C-Suite executives and leaders at some of the world’s most successful domestic and international companies as well as hundreds of small to mid-size businesses and their owners, CEO’s, executive leadership teams, management and sales teams.

Jennifer’s passion and enthusiasm to support small business owners in their pursuit for success lead her to develop the revolutionary “BOSS Business Boost“ and in it, has compiled all of the most powerful techniques, key business principles, processes and systems, planning and CEO success habits she uses to help her largest clients bring out their absolute best and achieve successive next-level bests in business to support you in achieving exceptional growth in profits, performance and achievement.