9 things management consultants know that most people don’t

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 Consulting gives you exposition to wide range of stressful, strategic sisutation that would be difficult to experience in a normal job, thus you acquire certain skills that make you work faster on the rigth things. Once you swtich from consulting to business you have the impression as if you were witnessing a movie put at a slow motion. My favourite pick of things that you learn in consulting below
  1. Consultants know how to be effective and selective. Most businesess are pretty slow in idea generation and execution. By being put in a stressful situation you learn in consulting to be 10 x more productive but also work on the right subject that will get you results. Have a look at the most often used by management consultants productivity hacks and tricks
  2. Simplify the reality and look for solutions. Typically, managers are inudated with so many details that they can see the big picture. You learn in consulting not only how to protect your mind from this but also how to simply reality to make meanigful conculsions. Check concepts such as issue tree, bottom-up approach, top-down approach. That in many cases helps you find money
  3. Business is pretty simple, but the people are far from logical and it’s them that you have to change, coach and convince to make the work. In consulting you are exposed to different branches and management style so you actually see the difference and you learn how to manipulate the people so the goasl are achieved (hopefully yours)
  4. Kill or create a business with 1 Excel. Once you simplify complex problems you are able to check whether the business makes sense or not with 1 Excel. Have a look at an example of an e-commerce model, analysis of marketing efficiency. May sound stupid by most manager don’t know how to do it. They got stucks with a sea of details.
  5. Execution is the King and the queeen. Nobody will judge you on the number of slides you are producing but on the impact you are delivering (money really saved, businesses created or improved). The rest is just theorethical bullshit. In good consultign you should learn how to execute and deliver value
  6. You don’t stop to learn (unless you are dead 😉 ) . In consulting you learn to read a lot because you have to master new branches and new fields in which you have little experience. Try to spend 1-1.5 hour daily on reading content. You will have access to not publicly available data from other project so take advantage of this. Go also for additional sources. Here is a short selection of blogs worth following regularly and books worth reading : The StartUp Onwer’s Manual, Critical chain method,Running Lean, Business Model Generation, Competitive Advantage, The Goal, The Machine That Changed the World, The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter, Updated and Expanded The trends are changing very rapidly and withouth first hand insight into this you may commit major mistakes. Go through previous projects and talk to people from your company to sponge off their knowledge and skills
  7. You are taugth a bunch of tehqniques that willl help you build and improve any business such as theory of constraints and lean manufacturing. Have a look at the full list of most important techniques in management consuling
  8. You learn the importance of mastering your tools. You will be going through many cases, analysess, market researches on daily basis so to save your time be extremelly efficient and master your tools. The starting points are excel, power point but master all tools that are improvin your efficiency (Slack, asana, Trello, Google Drive, dropbox etc.).
  9. You see the value of building a solid network that will support you. Againas in the previous example have to learn a lot through different channels to stay ahead of other analyst an to have information advantage. In consulting not only you are exposed to number of important people but you also learn hw to socialize and maintaing this relationships. Most consulting companies have their alumni meetings as well.

One last warning. Escape the consulting after 3 years. It is an ivory tower of high pay, intelligent people and golden cages 🙂 Perfect for training, not good for further development. So, after you reach level were you manage without major problems whole projects start planning your escape 🙂

Hope it helps 🙂 Enjoy your work

9 things management consultants know that most people don't
Article Name
9 things management consultants know that most people don't
9 things management consultants know that most people don't

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