8 Great Blog Post Ideas for Consultants

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There’s nothing scary about writing. It’s pretty easy actually. Just sit in a peaceful area, cozy up with your favorite writing program and spill your thoughts.

8 Great Blog Post Ideas for Consultants

Nothing to it.

Still, most consultants get hung up on the getting started part. Everybody has writer’s block at some point but, it’s easily overcome. Here’s 8 great blog post ideas for consultants looking to get their blog rolling:

Preview a case study

If you wrote a great case study, why just let it sit in the corner hoping somebody will find it? Write an inspiring summary to act as a teaser and a direct link to the write up. Just remember to focus on the client first and not yourself.

Lessons Learned, What Not  to Do, and other tales from the field

Project sponsors and buyers constantly worry about what could go wrong. Giving them practical solutions to real-life problem scenarios helps put them at ease and makes you look seasoned. Think: overcoming organizational politics, communication gaps, getting buy-in, etc. Issues that may seem routine to you can be a big deal to someone else.

Share Your views on industry trends

One of the most popular questions a consultant gets asked is “what’s everybody else doing?” Here’s your chance to kill two birds with one stone. Take a stance (positive or negative) on the latest hot trend in your focus area and back it up. Provide examples from past projects as to why you think it’s a silver bullet, a dead end or, somewhere in-between.

Align with your client’s corporate calendars

For companies that run on a calendar year, budget season wraps up between October and early November. Give your buyers ammunition. What’s hot? What projects should be on their radar? Got some tips for getting agreement on next year’s objectives? Let it loose.

Whether you work in HR, corporate strategy or procurement, there’s always a busy season. Great content should be as timely as it is informative.

Get the word out on your speaking event (and then follow up on it)

Depending on how far out it’s scheduled, your blog is a great place to generate registrations for speaking events. Afterward, send an email to attendees with a link to a post on how exciting it was, the great questions that were asked and any presentation decks you used. It sure beats sending a 5MB attachment to everyone.

Teach something (How To’s)

Everybody likes to learn a new trick. This is one of the most popular themes in blogging because it works. Especially effective for customers who are early in the buying process. Don’t worry about giving away your great ideas. Having a wrench does not make one a plumber.

Share research findings and data

If you are the analytical type and found some great trends, correlations or other shocking statistics, let your inner nerd shine through.

Point out somebody else’s great idea

Don’t be a control freak. If somebody else comes up with a new approach or solution that’s relevant to your clients, go ahead and tell them about it. It shows you are confident, knowledgeable and up to speed.


  1. Your best source of inspiration will be when you’re meeting with your client.  Stay aware and jot down ideas for follow up the minute you walk out the door.
  2. Re-read our article on the consulting services buying process that shows exactly the kinds of questions your prospects are asking

And for those of you still struggling with how to cobble together an idea, don’t forget to check out our great post on how to speed up your writing the easy way.

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