4 Tactics To Improve Your Landing Pages Savvy Marketers Miss

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Effective landing pages are the ones which mirror the marketing themes

The landing page of your website is crucial. It is often the first contact people have with your company. Therefore, it’s essential you capture their attention and their interest. If your landing page is not attractive and does not contain meaningful information, potential customers will simple move on. Your landing page must contain images and information that will grab the reader’s attention and motivate them to continue to investigate what your website has to offer.

No matter how good the product or service you are offering is, if your landing page cannot capture the customer’s attention, they won’t stick around long enough to find out.

Make Your Landing Page Match Your Ads

Your ad was effective enough to encourage potential customers to visit your website. Use that to your advantage. Your landing page should match your ads in several key areas if you want to continue to hold the interest of the visitors to your site. Many businesses lose clients because of the dramatic difference between the information on the flyer or other types of marketing materials that draw them to the site and the landing page.

However, the most effective landing pages are the ones which mirror the marketing themes, language, and feel of the previously distributed marketing materials.

Two important ways in which you should make sure your landing pages matches your other marketing material is with the headlines and the images that are used. The same headline that drew the potential client to your website will probably hold their attention and make them take the time to explore the site and stay long enough to hear your entire message.

The images you use on your landing page play a similar role. Some people are attracted to and moved by particular images. By continuing to use the images from your previous marketing materials on your landing page you increase the chances of keeping the interest of your visitors and making a sale.

Keep Your Landing Page Simple 

Some people try to do so much with their landing page that it ends up driving away their visitors. Many people today are either very busy or have short attention spans. If they find they have to work too hard to access or understand the information being presented on your landing page, chances are higher they will simply navigate away from your website. People of a variety of educational and interest levels will visit your website landing page.

The best way to reach the broadest market is to keep your message simple and clear. This will make your offer accessible and inviting to more people.

Another important role of your landing page that makes it an effective marketing tool is its ability to make visitors know your company is trustworthy. You can do this by presenting accurate information in a manner that’s easy to understand.

If you use complex terms and make outlandish claims, you’ll make it difficult for potential customers to trust what you say. However, if you provide them with verifiable facts supported by real images of your products, services, and customers, you increase the likelihood you will earn their trust.

Once you have grabbed the attention of the visitors to your site and have begun to gain their trust, you must follow that up by offering them quality products or services. Consumers know there are lots of sham businesses on the internet. You must usesimple language, authentic images, verifiable facts, and quality customer service to convince them your company is real and trustworthy and you can deliver on your promises.

Offer Products People Want

When people visit your landing page, you have a golden opportunity to convert them into customers using simple, easy to understand language, and clear images of products and services they want. Even the enticements you offer them at no charge should be something they want. Offering a 10% discount on something they have never heard about may not generate much interest. However, offering a free mug, pen, zip drive, t-shirt can work.

However, offering a free mug, pen, zip drive, t-shirt, or other promotional item to people that fill out a membership form may be more effective. Plus, it engages the customer and establishes a dialogue.

The right offer can improve your conversion rate significantly. A well thought out landing page can become a funnel that leads most visitors to become customers. If your landing page is welcoming, easy to understand, and offers something people want, you will be able to attract as many customers as you want. People are always looking for good products and services. If your landing page offers a quality product that people want at a price they can afford in a manner people can easily understand and follow, you have one of the most important keys to success in modern business.

If your landing page offers a quality product that people want at a price they can afford in a manner people can easily understand and follow, you have one of the most important keys to success in modern business.

Presell Using Your Landing Page

When people visit your website, it means they have at least a passing interest in what you have to offer. Your landing page should help to increase their level of interest and prepare them for the sale. It can do this by providing them with more valuable information about the product or service you are offering. An effective landing page will increase customer excitement about and interest in your product before they even see it.

People are more likely to purchase something if they know the benefits it has for them. Your landing page should begin to present visitors with a list or description of what your product can do for them.

When your landing page is properly designed, it primes the customer for what is to come as they delve deeper into your website. It makes visitors barely able to wait to explore your website and learn more about your product or service.

The information on your landing page should so intrigue and entice them that they will be scanning the page looking for the prompt leading them to a fuller understanding of and ordering information for the product and service you are offering. If your landing page is designed properly, the prompt leading visitors deeper into your website should be very easy to find.

Why A Good Landing Page Is Essential

The days when building a better mouse trap guaranteed customers would beat a path to your door are long gone. In the digital age you have to be skilled at making people aware of your product and giving them easy access to it. The landing page of your website is a very important element in the modern sales process. It allows you to speak directly to people with an interest in your product.

Your landing page also offers visitors an opportunity to get a closer look at the product and learn of the benefits it offers. A well designed landing page can also prepare the visitor for the sale and make them excited about making the purchase. With software like UnbounceLeadPagesClickFunnelsTenMinutePages, and OptimizePress its faster than ever to create high converting landing pages.

People today are busier than ever. Getting them to stop and take notice of your product is job number one. A well designed landing page can do just that.


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