3 Ways to Grow Your Consulting Practice Beyond You

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Can’t Grow Your Consulting Practice?

It’s a typical problem for consultants and coaches to get stuck. You grow your consulting practice to a certain point, but then your schedule fills up.

So, now what?

You have to scale. And scaling your business requires you to do 3 major things.

1. Automate Your Marketing

If you’re like most consultants and coaches, your marketing has consisted mostly of referrals, past clients, and your network. That’s a perfect way to get booked solid, as my mentor, Michael Port, likes to say.

But if you’re going to grow your consulting practice beyond you, you’re going to have to build a marketing system that not only goes beyond your network, but also can operate without you.

You need a marketing system.

A marketing system is a set of steps that generate leads, grows relationships, and closes sales. It runs in a fairly automated way. That doesn’t mean you don’t get involved, but the day-to-day operations of the system happen without you pressing buttons or making decisions on each individual prospect.

The system has to operate independent of your efforts.

2. Create a Platform for Your Voice

Up until now, you’ve been speaking to your network. You command respect in the small room that is your current client base, but now – in order to grow your consulting practice – you need to move into the large banquet hall of the marketplace.

That means you need a soapbox.

There are a number of ways of getting your voice out there. Here are a few:

  1. Write a book.
  2. Launch a podcast.
  3. Start public speaking.
  4. Create a webinar platform.

Each of these ideas push you further into the space of ideas.

And they all require some work, but each of them are known platforms that people have successfully launched. You can too.

No matter which platform you choose, you need to find and expand your voice to get it out there into the marketplace. Not only do you get exposure, but you expand your credibility and authority beyond your own practice.

3. Productize Your Expertise

In order to grow your consulting practice, you need to be able to deliver your core value proposition without you being present. In some cases, that means distilling down what you do into pieces that will translate into a product.

Maybe that product is an app. Maybe it’s a course you teach. Maybe it’s something completely different.

One of the easiest ways to grow your consulting practice is to create a group program.

There are a number of ways of creating a product out of what you do. Get started by outlining all the different benefits you bring to your clients. List them out.

Now, let’s say those benefits were worth $100 (I know, they’re worth so much more, but it’s an easy, round number.)

Divvy up the $100 among the benefits, giving greater value to the ones your clients value more.

Which benefit gets the biggest amount? That’s where you start. Try to “bottle” that benefit.

Ask yourself the question: if my client wanted to achieve that benefit on their own, what advice would I give them?

The answer to that question is the basis for your new product.

Get Started Now – It’s Worth It!

There is work you need to do to scale your consulting practice beyond your own efforts. But it’s so worth it. Imagine your life without being tied to your phone, email, or the chair you sit in when you deliver your consulting. Imagine making money while not in the training or conference room. How would that be?

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